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Regulatory complexity is a major challenge for banks

Recent scandals have shown how imporant a fully functioning, mature and transparent compliance control system has to be to meet regulatory requirements even more important to protect the bank from non-compliance. Because the fine associated with non-compliance might seem high but it is just the tip of the iceberg. The fine does not include the severe reputational damage, the crisis management and executive law suits. 

Our Software as a Service solution observes and constantly updates the regulatory landscape. We convert these regulations with Artificial Intelligence into rulesets which we store centrally. Derived from those we are able to link applicable regulatory requirements or obligations to controls which are performed automatically. Our API approach allows us to be implemented into your platform. 

Our solution - Banking Controls

  • is monitoring the legal requirementes you need to report to the authorities 
  • links obligations to controls 
  • indicates if a control has to be performed or has failed
  • is able to give you full transparency about your compliance control status

If your compliance process is still run manually we highly recommend you have a look at our solution via the demo button below. 

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