Our Data Privacy Solution

The world we are living in has a privacy problem

Throughout times, the basis of trade has been trust, so it is bad news when a plethora of studies shows that over 70% of consumers do not trust companies tohandle their personal data responsible.

While some companies are still working on becoming compliant with privacy law, market leading corporations have realized that being socially responsible is not just about the environment, inclusion and diversity. It is also about privacy. Digital transformation is fuled by data and HARPOCRATES is building the Trust Economy by building solutions to not just help companies become compliant with privacy laws globally but to become trustworthy processors of personal data.

Our solution - Control Your Data

  • is able to constantly monitor and update regulations
  • generates with the help of Artificial Inteligence digital rules 
  • delivers tailored rules to a use case 
  • keeps tailored rules updated over the products lifetime

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